How To Create Their Own Chocolate

How To Create Their Own Chocolate

               How To Create Their Own Chocolate

                                cara membuat coklat

Home Recipes 2015 - In the evening I will share a way of making Reviews their own chocolate, chocolate is much in the interest of all circles throughout the world. Because chocolate has a very nice feel to eat anything else when it makes its own chocolate for making chocolate itself is certainly more palatable, the following I will share a way of making Reviews their own chocolate. so you do not worry if you want to the make the chocolate itself does not know how, here are ways and means step make-Reviews their own chocolate.

Tools and Materials Make Chocolate Delicious

  • Dark chocolate low fat
  • food coloring
  • mold

steps create their own chocolate

  • Pieces of dark chocolate that you've purchased into several smaller pieces. The goal is to facilitate the process of melting chocolate.
  • When it is cut into several smaller pieces, melted to become liquid evenly. How to be able to use your steel bowl placed over simmering water. As much as possible so that the chocolate should not be exposed to water.
  • If the chocolate is melted evenly can you add food coloring to enhance the appearance of the chocolate that you create, then stir slowly until the color change looks more beautiful.
  • Then pour the chocolate mixture has melted and you have given them into prints of dyes and chill in the freezer to dry evenly.
  • Just wait until a few hours until perfectly dry and can dikreasikan by adding a sprinkling of sesame or peanut paste beforehand.
  • Brown delicious, delicious and healthy course is ready to serve.
How easy it how to create their own chocolate with ingredients simple, good luck at home, thank you.

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